It's fear that forces people into despair. We don't fear anything, not a soul, so where do we meet our end? Hell if I know....
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Let it be known, this village will (future wise)form an Alliance with the Chaos, and since we already have one with the Reality, we would be apart of Vescrutia. So posting on here will come to a stop, save for the fights that are still going, the missions that are still going, and talks.

Everything on this site by the way, will be on Vescrutia as well …

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 The tale of Livre

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PostSubject: The tale of Livre   Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:08 pm

*Livre walks into the room with a large book in his hand and sits down. He opens up the book and begins to read.*

"Once upon a time lived a little boy lived a normal life and went to ninja school. His mother was a writer of prose and poetry while his father was a ninja of judgment and justice. The boy, however, was plain and normal, having no distinctive qualities about himself. He wasn't an amazing writer like his mother or a good ninja like his father. He lived a normal life like a normal person. He witnessed crime everyday and did nothing to combat it. He eventually grew old and married. He had three children, but they all grew up and moved out. His wife eventually died as well. However, when she died, her body transformed into that of his mother, someone he thought was dead long ago. He began to look through her belongings, eventually finding a large book. He opened it and read through it, while also noticing that the book's ink was red. Near the end, he read. "And I grew younger with every passing day until I found my son again. I then changed my appearance and married him, hoping to keep him safe foreve-" As the old man read the book, the text began to change. The text reverted into that of blood and began to smell of it as well."

"Now curious, the old man took some of his blood and began writing stories about himself. He wrote this: "I reverted back to the age of ten. I began as athletic as my father and a creative writer like my mother. Right now, I am in my teens and I aim to become a well known ninja." As the man wrote that with his blood, it all began to come true. It was as if time moved backwards and altered itself. The man, now a teen, still had the book and still uses it to this very day. It was because of the blood ink, which makes stories come true, that the old man... who is currently a teen is able to read his story at this very moment."

*The teen reading the book closes the book and says, "Thank you for listening." The teen then leaves.*
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The tale of Livre
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