It's fear that forces people into despair. We don't fear anything, not a soul, so where do we meet our end? Hell if I know....
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Let it be known, this village will (future wise)form an Alliance with the Chaos, and since we already have one with the Reality, we would be apart of Vescrutia. So posting on here will come to a stop, save for the fights that are still going, the missions that are still going, and talks.

Everything on this site by the way, will be on Vescrutia as well …

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 The Life of Akazuki

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Akazuki Law
Akazuki Law

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PostSubject: The Life of Akazuki   Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:14 pm

Description: L-Life-Law-Love-Lust-Lies. So many powerful words start with this powerful letter...Some for the better while others are for the worse. Such an ironic name, for an ironic perosn, Akazuki L, this L can stand for any of the words that it leads. A different meaning for a different state of mind.

L was born 13 years ago, in a church, but wasn't raised a christian. He spent his time practicing his hand to hand combat, this and his mysterious ability. His "ability" is the power over magnetic fields, allowing him to create them, or manipulate them. He would always play with this power, but every time he did, he would never stop to think about how dangerous it is. He had no clue that his fun with this abilty would cost his family their lives.

One snowy day, christmas day, with all the family over for the occasion, he stayed in the basement, closing his heart, keeping himself away from those who loved and cherished him. That list of people was short by the way, consisting of his friend, Mikazuya Tera, his cousin. Mikazuya was one year younger than him, but a whole lot smarter. He was so smart that around the family L made sure to stay away from him, because it was painful to be compared with his wiser, better looking friend. This jealousy you could say was a reason for him being locked in the basement. Only thing he could hear was laughing, cheering, and music from the floor above, so while in his own little world, he did what he always did when he wanted to "get away", play around with his abilities. L could always count on his powers to keep him entertained, even when no one else is around, but this time was different.

He seemed to have used this power to manipulate the gravity of his house, forcing it to come crumbling down. In a state of panic and shock, only sane thing for L to do was to create a bubble of U.G (universal gravity) around his person, keeping himself from being crushed. The same couldn't be said for everyone else though, in his moment of panic L forgot to protect everyone. Five minutes after the crash, the bubble popped, and L rushed to random piles of rubble, looking for the family members he so foolishy forgot to save. He came across his father first, but his head was impaled by a couch leg that was in the room above the dining room, L felt him self about to throw up. He had to keep going though, for this was his fault, and if anyone had survived, he had to do everything in his power to save them. He found his mother under a pile of bricks, it was easy to figure out that she had been stoned by the bricks that feel atop of her, so L didn't bother diggiong any deeper there.

His mind was in a state of insanity. Everyone who had been with him his whole life died by his hands. He continued searching, only to now find his little sister's body twitching with shards of broken glass impaled through out her entire body. her last word before the twitching stopped was "Why....". That word rung through L's mind like a blow horn. His first thought was that she wanted to say "Why did you do this", No, that is what L thought, and that made him break into tears. He gave a loud scream, probably even heard in the heavens, "It was an accident! I didn't...". His sentence was stopped simply because he couldn't take it anymore, he threw up right were he was, and his nose began to bleed.

He was trembling, scared out of his mind, so he ran. He continued running, and he never bothered to look back. He never even looked to see if his cousin Mikazuya, the only one who did appreciate him, was alive or not. He assumed and left everyone for dead. It was maybe 5, wait 6, it was six hours since the death of his whole family, and he was miles away from the scene. He thought of alot in this time, suicide mainly. He may have thought about it, but he wasn't going to actually do it, it wouldn't be fair to his decreased family if he did so.

At that time, L began running again, and on this travel he came to an agreement with himself. He would master his strange abilities that took his families lives, or else their deaths would go for not. L could only feel a little releived about this, but he was still torn badly on the inside about this. The scenery began to change and the sky blacken, so naturally L would slow his running. It seems he stumbled into some place, the atmosphere was enough to remind himself of that dreaded dy, which was yesterday. It felt as if he had been dropped into an abyss, or lost in the depths of his actions. Either way, he felt this place would be perfect for him to recollect himself and try to start over. He would use this new location as a home, his home, and master his abilities to prevent any further mishaps. It won't be easy, but when is anything in life?

Personality- L is a real gloomy person, being pessimistic about everything. He is smart, but he can never grasp the concept of something on the first try.

His reaction time isn't very impressive, so to cover up this flaw he uses his power over magnetic fields to move himself, for himself. Despite not being reactive, he is obviously a quick runner, able to run miles in minutes. His eyes are slanted, very asian like, making his periphial vision astounding. He is skilled in just about every martial art, everything except Muay Thai.
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PostSubject: Re: The Life of Akazuki   Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:14 am

Nice story ^-^
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The Life of Akazuki
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