It's fear that forces people into despair. We don't fear anything, not a soul, so where do we meet our end? Hell if I know....
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Let it be known, this village will (future wise)form an Alliance with the Chaos, and since we already have one with the Reality, we would be apart of Vescrutia. So posting on here will come to a stop, save for the fights that are still going, the missions that are still going, and talks.

Everything on this site by the way, will be on Vescrutia as well …

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 ~New~ The Untold story of Aya

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Masked Death
Masked Death

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PostSubject: ~New~ The Untold story of Aya   Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:27 pm

Let's be quite clear about my story, I was born and raised in a small village. I wasn't like other vampires. It would seem that I was something simliar to a vampire but I was altogether a different breed. I was known as a Satal in my village. I was one of few Satal's, we were capably of not having to use the blood withing our body. It flows throughout the organs, but if it were to drained from the body we would be a body with all our organs. Only without our plumbing blood. Satal were born with some kind of sacrifce. One of my friends had nine wolves who followed him where ever he went. He had the power to talk to the wolves but sense he could provide them with a meal they followed he around. The other one gave up his life to save two small phoneix's in return they gave him the power to control fire and they gave him flight. Satal's have big hearts, but we are cursed to live forever without company. At least that's what the legend says.

I saved a cave of bats, from being hunted, from humans who wanted to kill them, and take there skin. I was brutally beaten up from this I was only around the age of 12 at the time. The bats heard my call and they helped me from these bad humans. It was five bats in particular who saved me, there was a red one, a green one, a blue one, a silver one and a simply black one. Three of them were elements and the other two seemed to be different. Fire, Earth and Water. The other two were willing to give me something more, the black bat turned into a long katana. The silver one gave off the pressure of an aura. It fell to the ground and placed a pretty big barrier around it self, sucking me in as well.

I was in awe struck, when I touched the two sword they reverted back to bats, flapping they're wings. The three bats from eariler turned into swords with they had colors at the bottom. I walked over to the red one picked it up,and it was burning my hand. It possessed the power of fire. I looked over to the other two on the ground laying motionless. I was sure they possessed the element of they're color as well. I smiled gently. The swords reverted back to their orignal forms,and then the barrier withdrew. From that day on the five bats followed me. The black bat kept all of his family so they traveled with me all the time too. The Satal's were very kind to others but whenever there friend might be in danger they take it upon themselves to defend their ally.

--6 years later

She was placed in a prison for a crime that she bolding admitted to with some conviction.
Charged with the murder of her parents, Aya didn’t mind their blood spattering across her face, or their brains smashed underneath her bare feet. She had enjoyed ever pleasurable moment of their screams because they never understood her. She’d hungered for their blood their sweet taste for to long. They’d given her life but she knew that she wouldn’t be there much longer; when the sun rose she stepped out into the light it simply bounced off of her brown flawless skin. She wasn’t much of a talker; she didn’t like to speak most of the time. She only really spoke when she was having to much fun.

Satal's were one of the most beautiful creatures that walked among the earth. It’s said a demons bloods give rich life which enhances the true power of creature of the night. Everyone watched me but they were too afraid to get to close, sense I hadn’t fed in two months. They’d placed me in isolation for a whole two months for my short stay, in those 60 days I’d gone crazy, I kept to myself in my mind not even letting my emotions get in until…I felt the sting of loneliness. It was my 17 birthday that day, January the 15. I’m approximately 199 years old.

I was to be beheaded (on my freakin birthday), as they walked me up the stairs I was awaiting my own death, my executer changed his mind, he decided to rape me and cut off my head in the act. I smirked at his pleasure. I was still a virgin it was very sacred to the elders that I kept my virginity until I was to meet demon of my worthiness. The man back handed me I fell to the floor in pain the attack was stronger then I expected I was to weak to attack him. “What are you smirking about you piece of shit!” he torn off my robe exposing my sweet curves and sacred flesh, a crowed watch with hunger as he pulled down his briefs. He bent over positioned himself to enter me, he leaned over my body I took that chance, so I reach down and grab his tiny manhood. I simply broke it in two, his face showed no emotion, but as soon as he took a deep breath he was in pain. Simply groaning in agony over this simply affliction of pain. He fell limp over me I sunk in my teeth and drained him of blood.

Guards rushed toward me swarming me, I raised my hand a burst of dark energy sent them flying out into the surrounding crowd. I stood to my feet the mans neck in my hand I tossed him to the ground and just like dust my body slowly began to vanish like sand, cared me off in the mere breeze. I used my powers to gather my body and I shifted into a black bat flying off into the horizon in search of my demon who would give me my powers by taking away my seal of virginity.

Aya discovered a book that holds all her secret's about her life in the library.
She uses this to take control of her truth powers, it would seem that her bat's and this guy who's suppose to release her of her innocence has something to do with her essence.
She lost her ranking exam to Domo and she is still fighting in training alongside Gig and Kimichi.

Aya transported her mansion from the underworld she was in need of a bit of comfort. So she used her seductive tempress to open a portal to the underworld and she grabbed her house from the darkness and she placed it upon her plot of land.
Her friend Fui came to vist and it would seem that she'd be staying for a while.
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~New~ The Untold story of Aya
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