It's fear that forces people into despair. We don't fear anything, not a soul, so where do we meet our end? Hell if I know....
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Regards to Vescrutia
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Let it be known, this village will (future wise)form an Alliance with the Chaos, and since we already have one with the Reality, we would be apart of Vescrutia. So posting on here will come to a stop, save for the fights that are still going, the missions that are still going, and talks.

Everything on this site by the way, will be on Vescrutia as well …

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 Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst

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Anji Minami
Anji Minami

Number of posts : 17
Registration date : 2009-04-15

PostSubject: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:43 pm

Since my character story is REALLY long and
probably won’t be read because of it, I decided to make this short
summary of Minami first

Age: Chooses to be 17, lost track after his 13th birthday
Weight: 147lbs.
Height: 5’7”
Hobbies: Having fun
Interests: People that can help him, videogames, and anything fun
Dislikes: His “Father” Panzer, people that can sway his emotions, and himself

Kekkei Genkai: i Flare

short it is the power of Minami’s insanity, it manifests itself in
different ways based on his current personality (which he has 6 of).
His i Flare Manifests as a different element, and weapon to go with it.
(I haven’t decided which personality gets what weapon)

Personalities: they will all have different first names, but the same last name, Anji
(haven’t decided the names yet)

For now they will be Anji 1,2,3, etc.

Anji 1: Regular Anji, normal person, i flare manifests as Light
Anji 2: Dark Anji, evil and devious, i flare manifests as Darkness
Anji 3: Water Anji, sad/emo, i flare manifests as water
Anji 4: Wind Anji, Happy, and forever seeking more joy. i flare manifests as wind
Anji 5: Earth Anji, tired and lazy, dislikes moving, i flare manifests as earth
6: Fire Anji, spirited and strategic, wants to burn through the
battlefield and leave nothing behind. i flare manifests as fire

all versions of his elements are green in color, since it is the color of his i Flare

the story comes next and like i said is WAAAAAAYYYY long...hopefully there's no limitation on how long a story can be...

(oh and please dont post until i post the whole story...thank you)
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Anji Minami
Anji Minami

Number of posts : 17
Registration date : 2009-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:43 pm

Minami grew up a rich kid in a rural village, in a country plagued with
war. As a child Minami lived with his mother Noriko, and his sister
Aika, in the house of a rich slave trader and weapons dealer named
Panzer. Panzer treated Minami with love and care, as though Minami was
his own son. Beneath his nice and kind demeanor, he was a cruel and
evil man that treated Noriko and Aika like crap. He raped them, beat
them, and made them do whatever he wanted. As Minami continued to live
his blissfully happy life, his mother wore a fake smile, to cover up
the pain and suffering in her life, and his sister, she had long since
stopped smiling, she was already dead on the inside…nothing more than
an empty shell.

Things continued this way until Minami’s 13th
birthday…the day his life changed. He had been enjoying himself, having
fun with his mother, sister, and Panzer, whom he had come to love more
than his own family. After he opened all of his gifts there was one
remaining, Panzer’s gift. Panzer raped Minami’s mother and sister right
before his very eyes, and told Minami all the horrible things that he
had been doing every day of Minami’s life. It was a cruel and twisted
joke, this “gift.” The man that Minami had come to love more than his
own mother and sister, the man that Minami had stood up for, countless
times…the same man that had brought Minami so much happiness, was the
now the same man, that drove Minami insane…

snapped. His whole world had just shattered, and with it…his mind. He
attacked Panzer without a thought, but was instantly taken down by the
many bodyguards in the employment of Panzer. The guards beat Minami
into within an inch of his life and left him a bloody mess on the
ground…and as Minami began losing consciousness Panzer said one last

“It only gets worse from here…Happy Birthday Minami…”

unknown number of days later, Minami awoke to the tormented screams of
his mother and sister, he instantly tried to help them, but quickly
realized it was an impossible task. He had been imprisoned, within a
very small transparent box, so small that he could only stand, and
nothing more. He tried to move his arms, but they were cuffed behind
his back, and his feet were cuffed as well. Unable to move his body, he
wanted to look away, or to close his eyes, but even this was
impossible. There was barbed wire all around his neck that would tear
his neck to shreds the second he started moving it…and his eyelids had
hooks in them to keep them from closing.

became days and days slowly became weeks then claustrophobia kicked in.
He screamed in fear and rage until finally his voice just stopped
coming. As he continued living out his life, he stopped feeling
anything at the sight of his mother and sister being tortured, the
moment that he realized that, was the very moment that a voice echoed
around the room.

How does it feel?...your heart filled itself with darkness, and has
finally died, now you can no longer feel…it is both a gift and a curse
that will be with you forever, as will I…

continued for months and Kaoru was eventually blindfolded, so that he
could ONLY focus on his the tortured screams of his mother and
sister…and their pleas for was then that the second voice
echoed all around him

How does it feel to hear them BEG for the death that they will never
receive....let their screams take root in your soul, as a constant
reminder of your own uselessness and weakness

This voice too grew silent, leaving Minami alone again, with nothing more than tortured, screams to keep him company...

a year passed and Minami 's mouth had been sewn shut, so that the
physical pain of starvation could accompany the emotional and mental
pain of the suffering of his mother and sister

((more to really is long...))
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Anji Minami
Anji Minami

Number of posts : 17
Registration date : 2009-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:43 pm

one day, his transparent hell shattered...the wars that had plagued the
lands had finally reached Panzer's Mansion. Kaoru's mother and Sister
ran forward to greet then escape with was then that the third
voice rolled into the room.

???: It’s their fault that you’ve
felt so much pain…so much suffering. Make them feel it all, every

voice echoed all around Minami and scared him...these words that
weren't his, from a person that wasn't him...were right...he had
believed the voices and as a result his insanity grew his
sister and mother came closer, the voice grew louder...and then it

Minami: LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

The tortured
scream had been the first noise Minami had made in months, the fearful
frantic scream....the scream that scared his mother and sister, the
scream that Minami tore apart his own mouth to let out.

the scream there was silence as blood flowed unrestricted from Minami's
mouth...But it was short lived. For in a moment more screams of agony
would fill the room, the screams of his mother and sister as they
died...Minami had decided to listen to the voice that said to make them
pay...the voice of his RAGE.

In an instant Minami lunged forward
with a jagged shard of glass in his hand...As the sharp glass pierced
his mother's stomach again and again...all Minami did was laugh, and
enjoy the suffering that he was causing


the left had finally left the hopeful eyes of his mother Minami sat
still atop her naked and shredded remains, then he turned to his sister

Minami: and you... YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!

jumped up from his mothers body with the same glass shard in hand and
he noticed something about his sister...something in her her
SOUL. for the first time in years there was emotion...there was
SADNESS, and as Minami stared into his sister's eyes she began to speak

Aika: How could you Min---

sentence had been cut short, in one quick swipe her throat had been
slit by Minami, and as she stood there shocked, choking on her own
blood, and on the verge of crying, Minami palmed her face with his
right hand and spoke

Minami: Always remember sis...I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!

used all his strength and smashed his sister’s head into the
ground...again, and again…and again, until there was nothing more than
a bloody pile of mush.

Above ground the gunshots had
started again, only this time they were accompanied by the sound of
explosions. while below ground, yet another voice entered the room

Are you happy? just killed the only 2 things this world had for
you...the last things you could love...the last things that could love

Minami fell into a great despair and once again began
screaming in agony as he had once done months ago...and as the tears
once again flew from his eyes, yet another voice crept into his ears.

((you guessed it, still more to come.))
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Anji Minami
Anji Minami

Number of posts : 17
Registration date : 2009-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:44 pm

???: Crying!? You've cried MORE than enough.. Be happy, anyway that you can... make your own happiness. Kill...KILL AND BE HAPPY

stood to his feet with the shard of glass in hand. He clenched the
glass until his hand bled. He began walking through the now darkened
room that he had had been his "home" for the past year....As he walked
the voice returned


long Minami had stumbled into a long corridor with rooms on either
side, all of them filled with torture victims, slaves, and people
hungry for freedom…as Minami looked around, staring at all the people,
the voice spoke again

???: Create your own happiness, with the
deaths of others find joy…YOUR happiness is the only thing that
matters, all others should be happy to sacrifice themselves for your
happiness… use them, and create your own happiness…

abnormally powerful wind blew through the corridor as Minami began to
walk to the opposite end of the corridor. Once on the other end, he
smashed a circuit board with his hands, thus causing all the gates to
open, thereby releasing the slaves. They slowly emerged from their
cells then rushed over to their savior…it was then that Minami struck
them down one after the other. Every man, woman, and child…none were
spared. He laughed at their pain, as they died…and felt no emotions as
he did it…and so the voice spoke once again.

???: That’s it!
Your happiness is the only thing that matters, gain joy from their
sorrow, pleasure from their pain…gaze upon their faces as they die, and
know TRUE happiness…your happiness…

As Minami stared into the eyes of the last slave, he laughed at her tears and then spoke as he raised the glass shard

Rejoice…your existence will allow me to find happiness…now submit
yourself as a sacrifice for happiness…a sacrifice for MY happiness

plunged the glass shard into the girl’s abdomen then left her to die in
pain as he headed above up the stairs that were at that end of the hall.

ground, bullets flew past Minami, and there were explosions all around.
He smiled and walked through the destruction. After a while he found a
large hunk of metal that was very sharp and very sturdy. He tossed away
his glass shard and took the metal as his new weapon. He quickly found
and killed one of the PMC’s. After killing the soldier more bullets and
explosives flew past him, exploding all over the place, yet leaving him
unharmed. 2 hours passed and Minami found him self standing in a
village of ended lives, and dismembered bodies…he smiled at the site
and laughed with joy at the “beauty” of his village then he began to
talk to himself.

Minami: Beautiful…this beautiful sight brings
me joy…but it is incomplete, the eternal beauty of death can’t claim
this place until the last two are killed…Panzer and the other must die

walked toward the mansion and began searching for Panzer. After
searching a seemingly endless number of rooms, Minami heard a
helicopter starting up. He took off running for the rooftop and once he
got there he had found him. Panzer stood before him wearing a sinister

Minami: finally, I will kill the last two.

Panzer: Please, with the way you are now, you couldn’t possibly kill me.

Minami: Surely you jest…I just tore this whole place apart…I’ll make you pay…I’ll be happy after this

Panzer: That so...fine then, do it.

pulled out a revolver and tossed it through the air, Minami caught it
and without a moments hesitation aimed at Panzer’s head and fired, the
bullet blew open Panzer’s skull, scattering his brains all over the
helicopter behind him.

Minami: Now for the last one.

Minami took the revolver, pulled the hammer and pointed the gun to his own temple.

((Almost done...XD))
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Anji Minami
Anji Minami

Number of posts : 17
Registration date : 2009-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:44 pm

closed his eyes and pulled the trigger, sending his own brains all over
the ground…then there was a familiar voice that crept into his ears.

Panzer: You’re really losing it Minami…

Minami’s eyes shot open and he found himself standing unharmed, with Panzer before him wearing the same smile from moments ago…

Minami: What…did you do…?

It’s not what I DID…it’s what YOU DIDN’T do…you’re even worse off than
I thought…imagining your own death…you could have died, your psyche is
in shambles, and growing worse by the minute.

Minami: what are you saying…

As Minami spoke, he felt a foreign rage building inside him…something burning to be released

Panzer: I’m saying that you’re losing it, going crazy…

Minami: NO! I’m fine…You’re the crazy one…

Come Now Minami…you and I both know that you’re losing control…losing
your grip on reality…surely you’ve been hearing voices.

Minami: yeah…so what, everyone was hearing it, they echoed through the room from time to time.

Panzer: Bzzztt wrong. Those voices were coming from you and you were talking to yourself…no one else was

Minami: What? When was I…Bullshit! I would remember talking to myself…

not if you thought it was someone else…you were speaking in the third
person, and using different voices to boot…for example there was the
time when you said:

“How does it feel?...your heart filled
itself with darkness, and has finally died, now you can no longer
feel…it is both a gift and a curse that will be with you forever, as
will I…” or those times when you were screaming “KILL THEM ALL” and
things like that…OH! And the time when—

Minami cut him off with his laughter

Minami: HAHAHAHAHA!!!...nice try, but those voices came from someone else.

Hmmm…that so...alright, then let me ask you some questions. How did you
kill those people in the corridor, how did you kill your family, and
how did you get free from that box?

Minami: Simple… bullets shattered the box, and I used the same shard of glass to kill my parents and those other people.

Panzer: And this shard of glass…did it cut you?

Minami: of course it did, right he—

Minami stared at his hand that should have been cut and bleeding, but instead found a perfectly unharmed hand

Minami: what the…how did…WHAT THE FUCK?!

Panzer: …SURPRISE!! You have received NO injuries during your stay here…other than when the guards beat you that time…

fell to his knees clutching his head and screaming in pain, that’s when
he noticed that his mouth wasn’t bleeding…even though it was torn open
by screaming while it was sewn shut…there was no blood…no wound…nothing.

Minami: …How? It doesn’t make sense…I BLED!!! I FELT THE PAIN!!!!

If you liked that little surprise, then you just LOVE this one. You
didn’t use a shard of glass to kill those people…you used your own
little power…i flare…which for you takes on the form of the
elements. Your family was killed with pure dark energy…and those
prisoners, blades of wind. The soldiers died by the same element. After
you killed your parents it rained outside cause you were sad and
crying. Get it now?...those voices were all you, your other
personalities, 6 in total, all with a different element and weapon of

Minami: impossible!

Panzer: they are all you, and they all have different powers and mindsets…learn to control them then maybe you will kill me

Panzer turned and boarded the helicopter while laughing, then he turned around and spoke again

HERE! This time you can try to kill yourself with an actual gun,
instead of just pointing your fingers and imagining your own death!!

Minami sat on the ground he began to cry and scream, as he did, the sky
grew dark and it began to rain, Panzer had been right, and Minami was
definitely going crazy…he picked up the gun and put it to his head, he
didn’t want to live a life of constantly trying to decipher what is
real and what is imaginary, death would be much easier. He prepared to
pull the trigger, but stopped.

Minami: No… not yet HE has to die first, till I kill him I cannot die…not yet…

stood to his feet, leaving the gun on the ground, he turned and walked
to the edge of the 5 story mansion and stepped off. As he fell to the
ground, he had begun his descent into his own Nightmares…

((finished, I don't mind if no one reads it, but if anyone does let me know what you think))
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Anji Minami
Anji Minami

Number of posts : 17
Registration date : 2009-04-15

PostSubject: Re: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:48 pm

*~After his very short stay in the Nightmare, the village fell apart, and Anji decided it best to leave, then he received a letter from that man...a letter, from Panzer Volsteid, the letter read~*
"Dear Anji Minami,

I, Panzer Volsteid,
will come for you in one year, and I will have another splendid gift
for you...I a;ready know of the situation of your current village, and
I know you will be leaving as a result, so I recommend this village...
The Village Lost in the Depths
village is perfectly safe, and you may meet someone that you know
there, or at least...someone that knows you. I trust that you will make
the right choice Anji.

Your father Panzer Volsteid"

*~After reading the letter Anji had made up his mind, he would go to the Village Hidden in the Depths. He packed his bags and set off at once, determined to meet the man that he longed to kill.~*
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Divine Rhythmist
Divine Rhythmist

Number of posts : 650
Age : 28
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Kekkei Genkai : Divine Rythm and Materialization
Registration date : 2008-12-20

PostSubject: Re: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:44 pm

this story is epic, good job

and I can't wait to find out who the person is that he knows in this village o.0

The blissfulness of a "Dream" is something we've never known, the only thing we have ever experienced is the pain and suffering of "Reality". The lives we were given exist only in the depths of an endless nightmare. We do not know what it means to fear, for our existence is fear itself. We will never dream and we will never fear; for a dream is naught but ignorance, as fear is naught but the end of a dream...
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PostSubject: Re: Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst   

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Anji Minami, Insanity at Its Worst
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