It's fear that forces people into despair. We don't fear anything, not a soul, so where do we meet our end? Hell if I know....
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Let it be known, this village will (future wise)form an Alliance with the Chaos, and since we already have one with the Reality, we would be apart of Vescrutia. So posting on here will come to a stop, save for the fights that are still going, the missions that are still going, and talks.

Everything on this site by the way, will be on Vescrutia as well …

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 Fui Akakami

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Life taker
Life taker

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Location : Mansion of Avarita
Kekkei Genkai : Dance of Death
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PostSubject: Fui Akakami   Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:30 pm

Name: Fui Akakami
Age: 16
Birthdate: December 19? I can't remember
Birthplace: A town of Dance Ninja's to the south of the Village Lost in the Depths
Family: Mother/killed by brother, Father/killed by brother, Brother/I killed him
Kekkei Genkei: Dance of Death Style
Specialty: Taijutsu and Genjutsu
Height: 5'5
Weight: 105 lbs
Personalty: Torn apart I suppose.

Life Story: Hehe, my story? That's kind of funny. I actually...cannot remember much about my past. I'm 16 now and I have the memory of a old bag. HAHA!! That was funny, you can tell I'm not that serious right? dead wrong! I'm really not certain about myself, I have constant mood swings. I could be happy one minute then sad the next, serious in one moment, then playful the next. But no matter how I feel I'm always blood thirsty. It's a habit that's hard to clan is the most deadly after all. Well, not most deadly but more likely to kill. Up until I was 5 I was spoiled by my parents, not a care in the world!! But then suddenly they started training me to be a ninja! RIDICULOUS! I rebelled I didn't want to fulfill my family legacy as a pack of sociopaths, though I realize now it's a lot of fun!! hehe, So harsh training, my brother was already a heartless monster, he never talked to me or did the things normal brothers did. He only talked about me becoming strong one was the only thing he thought about. When I was 10 I had finally completed my strict taijutsu, genjutsu training. If it was one thing our family was famous for it was for our legendary Dance of Death Style Fighting. Very rare for our clan and very hard to master. I still haven't mastered it. But anyway...I was...10! yes and i finally finished my basic training. Then suddenly my brother became insane with rage one day, he turned evil so suddenly I didn't know what to do!! There was arguing and fighting..and more fighting..he was fighting with my mother and father... I could hear my mother screaming at him and he was screaming back. I tried to block them out but it was very hard, very, very, hard. Then suddenly, my mother stopped screaming, then my father. I could hear my brother coming up the stairs and I got scared, I didn't know what to do!! I couldn't find anywhere to hide, then suddenly he attacked me...I attacked back with all my strength. I stabbed him right in the heart with my kunai repeatedly a few times...then he stopped moving. I didn't know what to do...I didn't even know why he stopped moving he just did. Father always told me that if you stabbed someone in the heart or neck or anywhere, and you do it long enough they'll stop moving. But I don't see how that's a good thing at all... I went downstairs covered in my brothers to find my mother and father were the same way. They were all dead. I ran out the door and refused to come back. Some of the people in my clan searched for me but they always attacked me, I really didn't feel welcome so I attacked back I killed them all! Kill, hmm that word is very new to me, I never really learned it until later on after I started moving along in this world..I realize what a horrid job my parents did in raising me. But i continued to teach myself Dance of Death Style that my parents taught me, since i had no one else to help me. I finally got the hang of it for the most part!! Hmm let me think...recently I have been roaming the country side with out a purpose to kill people as i went along. They would always attack me first!! It's not my fault really, i was only doing what I thought was right. I hope God forgives me I didn't mean to hurt that poor woman and her baby, they were just...well..they started it!! Since i left the village I've been in and out of other villages. People would pay me to kill others and i would do it without and regrets. I mean they were bad people, and bad people must be punished. I know, even as a young Genin was was strong enough to hold my own with others. Though i think I'll settle down and get proper training finally, that sounds a lot better. I had a few friend back in my old village but they were all insane so i never really kept in touch with them. Though while I was on my travels for a new home i did bump into one person who was even remotely as lonely as I was, Aya-sempai. We didn't talk to much but i mentioned to her how people stopped moving when you stabbed them enough and she attacked me too!! How mean of people!! Maybe I shouldn't say that too often it might save me a lot of trouble int he long run. I guess I don't really have goals or ambitions like most people. Aya asked me what's my angle fr leading my life? I still don't know how to answer her. Maybe I want to get out of this cycle of blood, or maybe I enjoy it too much to step away from my bloody ocean. I like the second option much better, don't you?

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Fui Akakami
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