It's fear that forces people into despair. We don't fear anything, not a soul, so where do we meet our end? Hell if I know....
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Let it be known, this village will (future wise)form an Alliance with the Chaos, and since we already have one with the Reality, we would be apart of Vescrutia. So posting on here will come to a stop, save for the fights that are still going, the missions that are still going, and talks.

Everything on this site by the way, will be on Vescrutia as well …

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 Tatasumasa's Combo Training

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Number of posts : 48
Age : 23
Location : The Gigantic Dark Forest
Kekkei Genkai : Cursed Arm-Demonic Form
Registration date : 2009-01-17

PostSubject: Tatasumasa's Combo Training   Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:32 pm

*I walk on this plain ground no terrain in sight but the ground.*

*I release my cursed arm from my seals.*

My arm calls out to me saying
" Finally it has been a long time Tatasumasa, what are you going to kill now"
(it has a mind of its own)

*I restrain my arm by eating one of my pills to calm my mind.*

*I start with two jutsus Crows of Hell and Burning Hell*

*I punch the ground and black fire emerges from the ground, I have used half of my flames on my arm.*

*While the fire is still burning I summon 5 crows from my hand which take the fire from my Burning Hell and turns them in to 500 total crows, with some fire still protecting me and my 5 real crows.*

*I stop my jutsu and eats another pill because my arm is shaking furiously*

*My arm says "MORE, MORE, MORE I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!"*

*I start putting my chakra in my arm again, trying to get to the max flame.*

*I accidentally went over board, my arm is now starting to go to a blackish red flame, it's starting to hurt and burn.*

*I quickly punch the ground using my Demonic Punch yet at the same time combining it with with Blast of Black Fire, to use more chakra.*

I screamed yelling out "GODDAMMIT" at the sky.

*I looked at the ground and saw a gigantic hole about 30 feet deep, I ate 3 pills calming my mind and sighed of relief*

*As I sighed I went down backwards slamming my back on the floor, I teared as I remembered the sight of that man with the black arm that caused me to get this arm."(read my character story)

*I walk home into my hole in the forest and I fall asleep*
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Tatasumasa's Combo Training
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